Why not now?

March Madness
March 6, 2017
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March 19, 2017

Seeing the images of beaches and smiling faces this week all over Facebook
reminds me to look you in the eyes and ask you the important question.

Why not now?

Why can’t every week be just like spring break?
The truth is, it can.

Every day can be just like spring break.

Sure, there’s some people who receive this message who have already cracked the code. They have no limits, no bed time, no setting the alarm for 5 am to make a long commute they hate to work under fluorescent lights.

But for many, the daily grind continues. Stress, overworking, seeing the kids between 6 and 8pm – two hours a day with the ones they love most. Two hours a day with humans who aren’t going to be in the house for very long.

Why do people do this? I’ll never know.

Because there’s a better way.

I don’t know what your exit strategy is.

I left the corporate world 15 years ago and stepped into a whole new world.

The world of freedom, of owning my own day, time, and schedule. It’s radically changed the outcome for our family.


Why not invest in yourself and your family today in order to make a significant life change?

Join us for The Conversation and we will talk about how you can ignite change. Let’s create your exit strategy. Click here, and sign up today, to join us for 1 night in a forest – on Oct 6 in Dallas.

To your Legacy,

Tammy Kling


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