Goals: Tips for Acceleration in 2017

Why not now?
March 14, 2017
What’s Your Life and Business Legacy?
April 2, 2017

Clarity – Focus – Execution

One of the things that CEO, strategist and Coach Tony Jeary always inspires me to do is focus on our HLAs.

HLA means High Leverage Activity.

This one tip can literally accelerate and transform your goals this quarter.

Here’s some tips to get clarity:

#1: Identify your HLA.

What is that one activity that if you laser focus on it will leverage everything else you do? What is it that is most important to you in this first quarter of 2017?

#2: Block time on your calendar right now, each and every day, to focus on your HLA. 

The distinction is that instead of focusing on your daily activities and meetings you are actually providing energy and fuel into this one priority.

Tony learned a lot of what he teaches from his mentors. I recall meeting Zig Ziglar and a lot of other great minds through Tony. Today he coaches some of the world’s top CEOs including the CEOs of Ford and Walmart. We have worked on several projects with his clients and his concept of gaining clarity helped me compress my time frame on writing a book.

To your legacy,
Tammy Kling
OnFire Books Leadership Company