OnFire Books Interns gain the experience of a lifetime! We believe our internship is like no other.

We don’t just focus on delivering administrative or social media work to our interns. We give back! Our goal is to create leaders who can increase their life skills and make a difference in the world.

At OnFire Books, our company motto is “we equip world changers.” This Mantra begins from within. Every client is a world changer, but so is everyone on our team. We have a selective internship program. It’s been rumored that it’s easier to run for president than secure an internship position with us! But that’s because character counts, and we aren’t looking for writers.

Our 1 year internship program:

College students and youth learn how to be a servant leader, and grow skills to become world changers. At OnFire Books we lead interns and team members to become mentors, and leaders through a specific program that builds life, communication and relationship skills.

This 1 year program includes opportunities to serve hands on with the homeless, orphans, and in programs that develop others.
By the end of the program our interns emerge as leaders with life skills that can translate into any business industry or field.


  • College Campus words matter program
  • Our intern and team reached out and gave encouraging word cards to students as they were preparing to take their finals. The goal of this Words day was designed to show others that they matter, at the same time teaching our interns about the power of words.

The Conversation Event

  • This once a year event is exclusive and limited to 100 world changers. Our interns have a truly life changing opportunity to sit among world leaders, ceos, celebrities and entrepreneurs from global locations.
  • Our interns have been invited to attend a youth leadership program in London as a result of this event, and have experienced tremendous opportunity for leadership growth.
  • At The Conversation, interns have an opportunity to become speakers alongside highly sought after speakers! One teen intern even flew to her TEDx talk just after the event!
  • This incredible event is a leadership opportunity unlike any other that transforms lives.

Words for the Homeless Campaign

Our interns and our entire OnFire Books team delivered word cards with inspiring messages on the streets of Dallas and reached out to the homeless. Our mission? Give them a lasting word of hope and love, hand out word cards and engage with the homeless one on one.

Orphanage Service Day

Kailey our newest intern, and our entire fabulous team of world changers at OnFire Books, spent the day on a service project. This home for kids has been in existence 50 years. Founded by Byron Nelson, the legendary golfer, we’ve been working inside this children’s home for 15 years.

Our founder received the prestigious Volunteer of the Year award at this children’s home for creating pizza night once a week in the past in an effort to connect, deliver hope, and bring together siblings in the home who reside in different houses.

Homeless event; Many Helping Hands Soup Dinner

Our team spent the evening supporting this ministry. Our participation helps give food, shelter, and clothing to the homeless. We are proud to be a part of donating our time, and finances to help all of our ministry partners reach many homeless families.


Christ’s Haven Thanksgiving Food Drive

Kailey lead our food drive to take Thanksgiving to Christ’s Haven. Christ Haven is an amazing organization and we are glad to participate in several of their events every year.

Night of Superstars!

This one event is the event where lives are forever changed. Interns have the opportunity to work side by side with our team as we serve children with disabilities.

Every year we have the chance to sponsor this event, which serves hundreds of families in need.

Homeless Christmas Party event: SoupMobile Omni Hotel

This year, instead of a Christmas party for our team, we reached out and sponsored the homeless and the SoupMobile Event in Dallas. This incredible organization serves 500 homeless on this one night and allows them to stay at the magnificent Omni hotel.

We know that you are never too young to learn about servant leadership.

This year we took several children to serve at this event. We are excited to share our servant leadership mission that we have here at OnFire Books with our interns and our littlest interns in the making.

Book Drops Program

We deliver books to children in homeless shelters, homeless on the streets, and in orphanages. This year we delivered several leadership books to Africa!

Children’s Home Book Drop Service Project

At The Conversation, we teach leaders how to leverage the power of words. At The Conversation service project event we deliver backpacks to children in need. These kids enjoy backpacks, books, and toys delivered by our attendees interns and fellow world changers!


Write it Out

This Program was founded by Tammy Kling in 2000 and teaches those living in bondage how to rewrite their story.

Our prison ministry, benefits from this valuable program as we teach youth in the Texas prison system how to make instant changes in life. We’ve delivered this program on the streets with the homeless, for a decade.

In addition, we bring Write it Out into orphanages, schools and mental health facilities.

Would you like to be an intern?

If you’re interested in changing the world with us please contact our ceo via email at

Kidtern Program

Just like our intern program, our Kidtern program strives to provide kids the opportunity to develop into outstanding servant leaders who will rise up to take their place to create and also work in organizations that impact lives!

We believe leadership starts early.

Even at 4, a child has the ability to learn and develop Leadership strengths and weaknesses. How can we help children become stronger leaders?

Traits such as:
– Hard work
– Perseverance
– Overcoming adversity
– Integrity
– Communication

OnFire Books has a mission of developing leaders. Leaders are readers! Through our work with CEOs and the organizations we’ve served, we’ve learned about the best traits leaders can strive to develop to become servant leaders who make an impact on the world.

Our team works with amazing organizations such as:

Night of Superstars, the Texas youth prison program, Christs Haven for Children, Many helping hands for the homeless, Soul, Feeding Children Everywhere, Our Calling and Vogel Alcove.

We have given back through service projects and believe in collaborating to help parents develop kid entrepreneurs.

Our Kidterns have the opportunity to grow through three specific programs. (Note: all program participation is in conjunction with a parent of the child.)

1. Readers are Leaders program

This program allows kids in various countries to become expert readers who read and review books.

Junior Editorial program

Kidtern is provided a book for editing along with specific instructions to edit the book. Professional editor mentors are paired with the child and parent remotely to instruct via email how to edit the book. This program is a precursor to our professional editor freelance program.

This is a remote opportunity which means we assign a leadership mentor to you and your child to allow them to grow via remote opportunities.

2. Book drops to orphans

This program allows kids and their parents to join the OnFire Books global team in providing books, backpacks and other supplies to kids living in shelters, or children’s homes. For any on site face to face work, kids must be accompanied by an adult.

3. The Conversation Kids

This is an advanced leadership program for kids of all ages. This event allows kids to arrive with their parents to learn about how to develop and advance their leadership skills. Kids must be selected for this program and must be accompanied by an adult.

To apply please submit your name, and age in an email to Luke at:

Program Creator and Director

The founder of the KidTern program, Luke, is a junior leader who wrote a book for kids at 8 years old.

After years of working with kids and adults at Night of Superstars and The Conversation event, we had a mastermind to discuss better ways to develop the amazing young leaders we had met.

Luke said: “Let’s develop a Kidtern program.”

Luke has participated in The Conversation for Kids event and has set up and sold products by running The Conversation store and e commerce program.

Luke has a passion for teaching others to be who they were created to be and is continually focused on improving. Luke loves teamwork, fun and giving back. He has read to disadvantaged kids through the OnFire Book Drops program.

Luke’s Life motto is; “it’s not just my life.”