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We write books, websites and PR content to build brands, companies, and legacies. Our work has been featured on Dateline NBC, Oprah, prime time, Geraldo, The New York Times, NBC, CBS and many more.

Our process is your journey. It’s an excavation of your soul and a capture of your legacy. Who will protect your intellectual property? We will. Who will introduce you to publishers? We will. We write, promote and publish books. Creating a book is 90% life coaching and 10% Book. Writing a book isn’t easy.

If it were, everyone would do it.

Who We Are

OnFire Books is a book creation, marketing and corporate communications company with a strong history of books under our belt.

Words Are Currency

Your legacy will change lives,
Your book will monetize
your business!

Our Process

Writing a book isn’t easy. If it were,
everyone would do it. But we make it smooth, painless and fun!

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World’s #1 book company.
Invest in yourself!
Nothing is more important than your legacy.
We create influential copy using magnetic and powerful words.

Our Founder

Every great company begins from an authentic story. Is there a purpose to your pain? Tammy Kling turned childhood pain of losing her father to suicide, into a life long quest to prevent it.

Today it’s her mission to use words to breathe life into the minds and hearts of as many humans as possible. We’ve produced literally billions of words.

Today every book she creates and edits is for him and the millions of fathers, men, and leaders who will read the books our authors produce.

Tammy’s TEDx talk focused on the power of words to change and even save lives. She’s also the founder of A Conversation for World Changers – the world’s most exclusive mastermind.

Have you ever considered delivering a TEDx talk? Now is your chance to audition. To apply, go to  www.TEDxFlowerMound.com and submit your application and 5 minute audition before November 15th, 2018.

Blog Posts

The Book Cover

The book cover is one of the most important elements of your book. If you think of it in terms of your business, if you owned a car dealership and you didn’t have a sign out front or the sign was broken, chances are people would drive right by. The book cover […]


  • “You guys have such a great reputation and I am honored to work with you.” (Just retired to write his book)
    Ken May, Former CEO of Top Golf
    Top Golf
  • Tammy Kling is a dynamic speaker. She delivered a moving talk to my team, and they came away inspired and transformed.
    CEO Fastbucks Corporation
  • Working with Tammy was an amazing experience. I had never worked with a content editor before and I had concerns as to how my book would be changed. As a writer, we can be very partial to our work. Tammy enhanced the content to flow better leaving most of what I had submitted and stretched me to come up with a catchy title. I am so glad that I hired Tammy for my book, it landed a major publishing deal and I am confident that my book “Connect, How To Know If He’s Really Your Man” will transform lives. Thanks Tammy! – Dawn Burnett Author of Connect
    Dawn Burnett Author of Connect
  • When I first spoke with Tammy, about my book “Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter” I was amazed by how she listened and so easily connected with my passion. She “got it” and gave me confidence that I was sharing my personal story with someone who would care for it as much as I did. Her direction was clear. Her guidance honest and pure. Tammy is all about helping her client’s voice emerge with purpose, clarity and meaning: directed at helping others. She is a legacy creator and a transformative messenger. If you want to express your story with clearly and purpose, talk to Tammy and the OnFire Books team.
    Bruce Pulver
    Author, Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter
  • Tammy coached me through the book process from beginning to end. She’s a great business mind, speaker and influencer with integrity.
    International speaker, Author SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, USI
  • Tammy’s expertise was invaluable as she guided us through the process of crafting a healthcare book for our organization.
  • Can’t imagine how I could have written Face to Face without Tammy’s guidance. She has a unique sense of when to observe, when to guide, and when to push. At the end of the day, with Tammy’s help, your words take flight and have meaning beyond what you ever thought possible. Tammy Kling is a true professional.
    Author, Face to Face Leadership; A healthcare leadership guide
  • Tammy Kling is a true professional with great vision to coach you through the process of publishing, marketing and writing a book and creating your legacy. Her attention to detail and follow through is second to none!
    CEO High Performance Resources
  • Tammy is a unique talent who knows the book business and how to teach aspiring writers what they don’t know. A more positive and fun writer and teacher you will not find.
    CEO First Command Corporation
  • As a serial entrepreneur and ambassador for the Kingdom of God, I have been humbled by the opportunity to work with many of the top 1% of leaders within the world of business and the world of ministry. Few possess the intuition, capability and communication skills that Tammy demonstrates to effortlessly bridge the gap between both. As a business person Tammy gets it, as an ambassador for the kingdom of God Tammy lives it, as a writer Tammy communicates it. Tammy as your personal coach is the simplest way to make sure you will too! My relationship with Tammy as a business person is valuable but her contribution to me as a first time author has been immeasurable. Congratulations on finding her!
    President and Chief Idea Evangelist, It’s Feasible L.L.C.

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