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November 25, 2018
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Thank you for being in my world.

I’m sitting in front of a fire writing this on a snow laden mountain about to night ski for the first time. I don’t really ski, so skiing at night brings a myriad of interesting feelings. Normally I’d be on a beach this time of year.

It’s my first time in Sun Valley, Idaho.

On the flight in, we bounced through a winter storm on the small jet and it felt like a turbulence roller coaster in the sky. My son clung to my arm, and we closed our eyes. Have you ever questioned a decision after the fact?

I had worked as an airplane crash crisis worker prior to writing my first book. This flight over the mountains, took me back.

This one rough flight triggered some fears, for sure. We were diverted twice and never made it to our intended airport. I was grateful to land in Boise Idaho instead, a city I had never been to. It reminded me that being diverted off of your pre planned path, is a part of life itself.

Embrace the diversions, and remember that plan B is often better than plan A. 

Maybe plan B is for your own good. Maybe it’s the best plan of all. Here’s to a 2019, full of only the best for you. Plan A, C, D or B. It doesn’t matter which one.

In the last decade managing OnFire books leadership company I have met amazing humans, with incredible stories. We launched The Conversation Event, and the coaches and consultants program to help our authors get on big stages.

With me every step of the way, are my two boys Reed and Luke. 

Our company has grown and we’ve expanded in significant ways, and with each step I’ve discovered that your work can integrate with your life, instead of opposing it. 

Your clients can become friends, and even family.

OnFire has helped thousands of authors get published, and take global stages! Several have earned TEDx talks, or become executive coaches. My family has been an integral part of it all, from planning, to social media, to facilitating events. The boys have led The Conversation Youth, with kids inside an orphanage.

They’ve grown up to serve the homeless as a part of life, and to serve CEOs and leaders and professional athletes, as a part of our company.
Thank you for being with us on this journey through life.

In this past year –

1. We wrote books for several CEOs, athletes, and the president of a country. Our team at The Conversation event built a library onsite at a children’s home. We also delivered a mobile library to the homeless, on the streets of Dallas – and delivered a writers Workshop inside a battered women’s shelter! We created a book for Daseke Corporation, a major trucking company, several doctors, a brain surgeon, consultants, lawyers, and Burger King.

2. We held TEDx auditions and are hosting talks for the amazing speakers that earned a spot. Come join us! Www.TEDxflowermound.com

3. Reed, my 15-year-old, bought and sold several trucks in his truck flipping business. The first truck, Vegas, was designed as a family bonding project. But he’s also learned budgeting and finances and negotiations. True world school. His truck page posts on instagram get hundreds of thousands of views.  He took $10,000 of his earnings to put down on a house near TCU, a college he wants to attend.

He’s currently managing other corporate client instagram account pages as well. I love his patience and persistence, and steadfast focus on becoming an entrepreneur. 

This year we have big goals.

4. Luke, my 13-year-old, had a great year, flew to see his ravens play football in Baltimore, and played in a Madden tournament at the Ravens Stadium. He is an avid football commentator and expert level, already. He took the ACT on his own at 12, and scored high. I love his intrinsic leadership and love for learning. 

5. We renovated our cabin on a mountain in Colorado as a family project. We’ve hung corrugated metal on walls, ripped apart kitchen islands, and put it all back together again. I cannot emphasize the power of an intentional project like this to bring your family closer.

At OnFire Books, some of our team members are single moms who work remotely with a child nearby, while others are former executives who use their strategic skills on book production and strategy. All are servant leaders. 

The Conversation Coaches, are authors who consult, speak, and coach. We have a site to match CEOs and successful entrepreneurs with those who need mentors, you can find that here: www.TheConversationCoaches.com. 

LettersFromAMentor.com is also a fantastic resource.

What’s your story? I hope that in some way, you will share it with the world this year.

Whatever it is, we truly can impact lives together. Your legacy is not what you do for work. It’s who you are, inside. Reach out and let’s do big things, in 2019!

I am grateful, for you.


Tammy Kling
Tammy Kling
Tammy Kling is a best-selling author, TEDx Speaker, CEO of OnFire Books, and has Ghostwritten and edited 3,541 books and counting, including: The Compass, Freedom, and There’s More to Life than the Corner Office. Tammy’s latest book, WORDS is being used by the Ritz Carlton in their leadership training. For more from Tammy Kling, please visit tammykling.com and follow her on Twitter: @tammykling for the latest news and updates.