OnFire Speakers Bureau

OnFire Books Leadership Company created a speakers bureau to identify and connect high level speakers with CEOs.

After a decade of connecting and creating books with world changers, leaders, athletes and celebrities, we decided to formally assist our speaker clients in obtaining big platforms. We have developed a unique strategy using books, as part of our entrepreneur business plan for over a decade.

Are you a speaker who would like to spread your message to the masses? Contact us today.

“We have clients ranging from NBA players, who we help share their story within youth prisons, to an entrepreneur who we connected with their first big speaking engagement at Times Square, New York City. Speakers should speak. Because Words are Currency ™. But we coach our speakers to shoot for a $10-15,000 keynote fee, and we help guide them through the process in the industry.” Tammy Kling

Jose Ruiz is an author, speaker and coach motivated by a passion to teach leadership and growth to the next generation.  Jose started his leadership journey as an officer and pilot in the US Navy for 11 years.  He is the founder of the Center for Leadership and Growth (CLG), an organization that provides transformational leadership skills to people, organizations and the youth.  As an executive and entrepreneur, Jose provides interdisciplinary leadership in engineering and operations for the data center industry and co-founded a digital marketing company, Crucial Theory. Jose is an Executive Director for the John Maxwell Team and was trained and mentored by John Maxwell and mentors of his world-class faculty.

Jose connects with his audience and presents dynamic messages of leadership, personal growth and family legacy; helping them unleash their infinite potential.  With his family as inspiration, Jose’s mission is to live an intentional life and add value to people every day.  He believes teaching leadership and growth to the next generation can solve the world’s toughest problems.

A native of Puerto Rico, Jose and his wife, Neila, live in Frisco Texas, with their son and daughter, Enrique and Leina. You can read his blog at joseruiz.com.

Demetrice Smith

Demetrice Smith is an author, speaker, mentor, community activist, and mental health advocate. She recently completed her first book in which she delves into the ramifications of undiagnosed depression and it’s far reaching bearing within communities and on families.

Jerry Roberson

Dr. Jerry Roberson is a Cognitive High Performance Coach specializing in the professional and holistic transformation of professional athletes, entertainers, clergy, and senior executives. With over 20 years of experience in various roles surrounding family, maternal and child health, Dr. Roberson has extensive training and expertise in social and behavioral aspects of human development.


Jennifer McAlister is an author, speaker, graphic designer, and founder of Witness Thru Fitness – a ministry created to encourage and inspire others to be active in their faith. Her book, Press On, includes stories of endurance, faith and trust to encourage others as they run the race of life. After watching the bombs explode in front of her at the Boston Marathon finish line, Jennifer was painfully aware how mere seconds mattered between life and death and has shared her insights in her newly released book, Press On. Her devotionals have been featured in Shout! Outdoor Living Magazine as well as the YouVersion Bible app and website. She is a fitness enthusiast and has completed seventeen marathons as well as two full IRONMAN triathlons. Jennifer graduated from the University of Texas Arlington with a degree in communication technology. As part of the John C. Maxwell Team, she is a certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Her passion includes empowering young women to make healthy, life-affirming decisions as a counselor at a pregnancy center. She is also on the board of directors of Phillip’s Wish, a non-profit to serve the homeless.

Dr Dale

Dale Okorodudu is a practicing Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician. He is the founder of Black Men in White Coats, and Diverse Medicine Inc. whose mission is to increase ethnic and socioeconomic diversity within the field of Medicine.

Celia Swanson is a speaker and former SVP of Change Management for the Walmart Corporation. She joined Walmart Stores in 1989, and broke glass ceilings several times: she was the first female EVP there, and the only person to receive the two top operations awards from Sam’s Club and Walmart U.S.

Bruce Pulver

Bruce Pulver is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and the author of the groundbreaking book Above the Chatter Our Words Matter in which he shares over 400 powerful words and messages which can take you in the direction of the outcomes you desire.

Vince Nelson

Vincent Nelson was a successful pastor for over 17 years. He spent more than 20 years in inspirational speaking and developing people towards their purpose. He found his life’s calling after a total life melt down that resulted in the loss of his marriage, his job, his identity and his freedom. His calling and purpose is to help you find and experience the nobility and destiny that you already have within you. Vince will help you reach your purpose, and become a powerful catalyst for change in the world.


Bethany Williams is an engaging speaker and is the person companies go to for business startup and activation activities for organizations. She is an intra-preneur (exercising entrepreneurial thinking WITHIN organizations) creating expansions to significantly expand revenue and market share. She specializes in taking concepts from idea generation to product rollout.