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The Book Cover

A book cover is 80% of a book sale, especially online. Which means that visually the cover needs to make sense.

Your book cover is like bait. When you’re fishing, the right bait matters, because fish are smart. A trout won’t touch the wrong lure even in murky water. Trout look for a specific type of thing to eat and can detect a fake.

A consumer audience is the same way.

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Writing a book isn't easy.

If it were, everyone would do it. But we make it smooth, painless and fun!
There are 5 steps in the OnFire Team book process.
We lead you through them from start to finish.

What We Do for You

For over a decade we’ve worked with top Speakers, authors, and celebrities from all over the world. We focus on excellence – in creating your legacy, and monetizing it. Most speakers are not aware of how they can maximize results, sell books, and land speaking engagements.

Many of our clients earn $3.5+ million a year just as speakers and authors. Most travel the world when they want, spend time with their families, and are intentional about their days.

This could be you.

OnFire Books helps guide you through a 6 step process.

A quick simple overview of our process with you would be:

Step 1: Kickoff Forensic Call

This is a detailed business strategy coaching call. On this call we listen, a lot.

But we also cover as much or as little as possible including:

  • The book introduction! A selling tool!
  • Your 3-5 year plan and the big picture
  • Your unique calling.
  • Do you need a TED talk?
  • Profits and future earnings (what you want)
  • Your legacy
  • Messaging
  • Our process
  • Sound bites and PR tips
  • Building your platform
  • Global distribution and global speaking plan

Step 2: Book, Business, Editing

  • Content collection, or manuscript review, and editing discussions
  • Process flow
  • Pitching publishers

Step 3: Publishing School

  • Everything you need to know
  • What publishers want
  • How to sell books
  • The difference between Amazon, Wal Mart, brick and mortar stores
  • Detailed book marketing discussion
  • You review manuscript if we’ve edited

Step 4:

Publisher introduction call and discussion on profit margins, your strategy, and the best fit

Step 5: Book Marketing

  • Why the cover is 90% of the sale
  • How can we sell cases versus individual books!
  • Bestseller lists.
  • Coaching call for book cover, preferred color psychology

Step 6: Going Global

  • Next steps
  • Connecting you to our database
  • Sending your books to ceos
  • A blog tour
  • How can we promote you for keynote speaking engagements
  • Book Publication Date, and date for your copies to be delivered.
  • Speaking engagements, corporate
  • Articles and magazines
  • Additional countries
  • Tools you can use.

Invest in yourself!

By the end of this program you’ll know everything you need to know to continually build your successful brand.

Contact our team today to get started:

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