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Guest Post: Stephanie Breedlove – Why I Wrote My Book
January 2, 2017
Why not now?
March 14, 2017


I was recently asked to be in a video with Trent Shelton, who has millions of followers. He’s a spoken word artist, and his audience is diverse.

I was acting in this video, (which isn’t really my gifting, to say the least) but I said yes to the adventure – and spent a day filming.

As I listened to Trent’s words over, and over and over and over, and over again, (And then over once more! in take after take)

I saw my little boy across the room, watching and absorbing like a sponge, and I couldn’t help but feel as if that the day was meant to be.

How can your brand and business benefit from cross pollination with others outside your industry?

In my mind, words are words.  No matter how you like them delivered – in a book or online or in this video – words are currency.

Watch it and let me know what you think!

To your legacy,

Tammy Kling