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Words Save Lives

We deliver inspiring books to homeless families, and underprivileged teens and adults in an effort to save lives, educate fathers and restore individuals and if possible, families. Books save lives. More than a meal, words live on in the heart, inspiring us to alter our belief systems. Have you ever been in a place where you felt stuck? Words heal broken lives.

OnFire Books Library

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Join us for a book drop, or the Words for the homeless!

You can be with us live or do it virtually – and all it costs you is words. Start writing your word cards now. Make 100 word cards to give away to 100 strangers.

We give words to the homeless who are so often hopeless. Why don’t we deliver food? Because words change and even save lives.

Author Tammy Kling has worked with the homeless and hopeless for decades after her own father committed suicide when she was seven. He was not homeless. But he had lost hope.

Our homeless friends tell us; “We get fed five times a day if we want at shelters.” And while those ministries are vital to survival it’s our mission to deliver the power of words. Please upload your photos of words to our OnFire Facebook page. Click here to visit.

Or send them via email to

World Changers Serve
Join us to get dirty. For 17 years we’ve been serving the kids at this children’s home. Thank you World Changers!