The Secret to Success: Do Hard Things (and stay in your lane)

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August 22, 2016
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September 17, 2016


What is your game changer? What’s that one skill or philosophy or gifting that you do better than anyone else? Perhaps it’s strategy. If you’ve got strategic vision, you can coach, consult, and see things others can’t see. Or perhaps you’ve spent a lifetime training in one particular field of work to be excellent. Whether you’re a doctor, a poet, a strategist, an investor, or a consultant, you’ve got to sharpen your saw. Disciple, determination and practice.

What’s your game changing skill?

No matter how good you are, you’ve got to remember to do hard things.

The Olympic Games have shown us that you can be excellent at what you do but one inch can make the difference between victory or defeat in the discus throw many excellent competitors stepped outside of the start circle. There’s a rule: throw but don’t step out of the circle.


In the running competition it happened as well. There were false starts. The runner from the Bahamas had a false start and was disqualified. Imagine training your entire life for one thing – and then getting disqualified! Imagine if you’re the very best in your industry or field, and yet you lost clients because you forgot to pay attention to the details.

When I speak at corporations or coach Speaker’s, I like to help them focus on sharpening their own core skill through these three tools. Often we get so good we forget the basics.

1. Practice.
2. Be disciplined and consistent .
3. And do hard things.

These 3 things are the secret to success.