Be Fierce: 3 Tips From an 80 year old Rockstar That Will Change Your Life Today

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August 20, 2016
The Secret to Success: Do Hard Things (and stay in your lane)
August 24, 2016


Are you fiercely attacking life?

Are you actively engaged in being mindful about living your dream? I’m surrounded with (and write books for) world changers, so chances are if you’re getting this message the answer is yes.

Stay with me here.

This is just a little reminder. A wake up call. If you watch one video the remainder of this year, it should be this one. This is about a world changer who reminds us to be mindful about life.

What dreams have you left on the table because subconsciously, you think or feel that it’s too late? What dreams have you walked away from because of pain, lack of money, or the belief that you don’t have the confidence or time or income to achieve them?

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Here are the 3 tips, to live your dream. I want to ignite you today! Please write me after you watch the video about this amazing man, even if we haven’t met or talked in years. I want to know if this impacted your beliefs even for one moment. If it inspired you in any way.

The message? It’s never too late. My friend Joel Small wrote a book called “Face to Face Leadership, that is a part of his incredible legacy and it’s no surprise that his mother is a great leader too. She started writing books and got her MBA and traveling the world in her 80s. Imagine if we could leave a legacy like that to inspire our own kids to leave theirs.

What if you could redirect every dead dream you’ve let go of? Some dreams are just a product of our imagination, and we might let go of them easily, but sometimes there’s a burning dream that we have not birthed because subconsciously we’ve given up.

Wow. Powerful world-changer.

Three tips!

Step 1: Watch the video above and schedule it to watch once a month. Add it to your calendar to do. Watch a TED talk a week, while you’re at it. Minimum one talk. Be intentional about filling your mind with positive videos.

Step 2: Make your dream list. Leave nothing off!

Step 3: Take a step every day to think like Wang does by living your dream. Remember, he’s 80. With the body of a 35 year old and the healthy mindfulness of a successful man.

Dream! Let go of the what ifs!

Tammy Kling