The “IT” Factor

September 19, 2016
The One Asset You Need More Than Anything Else
October 11, 2016


Ever wonder why some people seem to have it yet others don’t? “IT” is that elusive, sexy quality that’s hard to define. It’s charisma, magnetism, strategic vision, and business acumen, and it may not have anything to do with sexuality at all.

People who have the “IT” factor have influence.

They have social equity with their peers because when they talk, people listen. When they lead, people follow.

One of the greatest leadership skills that anyone can have is influence.

But influence is about action. It’s a skill and a talent that builds relationships, develops teams, and determines the course of decisions.

Do you have influence?

How many times have you seen someone who seems to have no impact or influence on the people they work with? Like respect or sales acuity, influence is commanded by the strength of the influencer.

You are either influencing or being influenced, but not both. If you are not influencing the people around you, you are not being as successful as you can be.

Influencers are valuable assets to any organization. They are the top performers and the magnets others are drawn to.

Often they seem like rock stars, set apart from the crowd. They are the Angelina Jolie, Malcolm Gladwell, and Mother Theresa’s of the world with unique brands.

Here are three ways to become more influential:

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Get involved in social groups and professional women’s organizations in order to enhance your connections. Contribute to blogs, do favors for strangers, connect, share, tweet, promote, give.

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Strengthen your skills and diversify. Don’t just focus on what you know, focus on what you don’t know. Learn something new, take a class, or attend a seminar. Focus on lifelong learning and you will become more valuable and influential in many different circles.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

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Invest in the relationship. Relationships are built on interaction, communication, and engagement. Send gifts and communicate virtually. Build trust. Give without expecting anything in return. Do a favor for someone and invest in the relationship. This applies to clients, spouses and friends.

Influencers have credibility, trust and skill. But they didn’t get it by accident. The “IT” factor is a combination of charm, style, authenticity and action.

Take these three steps and be more influential today.