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The “IT” Factor
September 25, 2016
October 13, 2016

Pattern Interrupt: One Action Step that Changes Everything

One night can change your life forever.

At The Conversation Event one CEO said; “I arrived one man, and got on the airplane home, a completely different man. ”

How much influence you have can be easily assessed by analyzing your connecting points and speed of results.

Can you call people and connect them to others at a moment’s notice? Are you connected with world changers?

World changers are action oriented influencers. They make plans, execute easily, and pull together others who will drive change. Writing a book offers immediate influence but so does any major positive pattern interrupt that opens new doors. When you do something new – you begin to connect with new people, businesses and even new ways of thinking.


Over the years I began noticing that I had built a level of influence money can’t buy. My mission was to change lives through the written word, and the books I wrote made a lasting impact. At times, I partnered with CEOs, and celebrities and non profits on books. I remained open to new partnerships, and my network exploded.

I became a connector, who invested in others naturally.
Not because it helped us in any way but because I swathe opportunity to influence new ideas and businesses and lives.

You have that same opportunity each and everyday.
This is the cornerstone of influence. After years of investing and building trust equity, you find that people respond quickly when you request something. One call, gets results.

I texted an NFL player and told him to be at a meeting. He showed up. No questions asked. I told a popular radio show host to interview a homeless man. The text I got the next day said; “My show schedule is booked the next two months. But I’ll fit him in.”

The interview happened two days later.

Leaders have the ability to be influencers – but here’s the distinction – not all leaders are influential.

Some are just positional.

Do a pattern interrupt and touch someone new today.

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Authentic influence is powerful and productive. Entrepreneurs need influence for growth, expansion, credit, connections and results!