Mobilepreneur: Why working anywhere could be your biggest asset in 2017

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December 22, 2016
Guest Post: Stephanie Breedlove – Why I Wrote My Book
January 2, 2017

A mobile mindset is gold.

When you can work anywhere at anytime you have complete freedom, in your personal and business life. And freedom is something that money can’t buy.

When you’re a mobilepreneur, you can work at home, and spend time with your family (without feeling conflicted) travel the world with your family while also taking conference calls, (if you create a mobile office with access to all documents, and apps that support your lifestyle) and most importantly, change your thinking.

Becoming completely mobile, is something that 85% of people surveyed claimed “is a dream but not possible for them.”

So what’s preventing it?



A lot of people think they want to be mobile but are too structured in their beliefs to do it. “We have all our people in the office because if I want to pop into their office to share an idea or a screen it’s collaborative,” an executive said. “But my top three people are threatening to leave if I don’t compromise on flexible work environments.”

This CEO stated that he had a fear that people simply wouldn’t work – if he allowed them to work at home. It wasn’t really about his desire for collaboration – at the root of his fear was control.


And so he probably won’t, and he’ll lose valuable team members. My company in contrast, is an intentional, mobile Freedom based model. I believe if people are free, they will love their life. If they love bluehost their life they will be healthier and more productive. I don’t care if they have lunch everyday at their kids elementary school and work at 8pm instead. I’m focused on creating a culture of mobilepreneurs.

When a business client taught me this concept, it completely changed my thinking. Strive to be mobile, not just in work location, but in email or client response times, work hours, and family. Instead of thinking as work hours as specific boundary times fenced in from 7-6, or whatever hours you choose, develop a work- play – life – family – and business – integrated mindset.

What if it was all just life?

Nothing competes with the other.

A vacation doesn’t have to be cellphone free. You no longer have to run to the bathroom and hide from the spouse to reply to that text from your top client.


A mobilepreneur mindset means you’ve found a way to integrate work and life. Life itself is the vacation, and you don’t miss kids events. You don’t miss them because you’ve already set up your mobile technology and prepared everyone mentally. You’ve placed working mobile as a priority.

I work with CEOs, and high achievers, and only once in 15 years have I lost an opportunity to sell someone new because I wasn’t face to face. We had sent her my TEDx talk, website, and books. “I just can’t get a feel for your energy,” she said, when I dialed in for the initial conference call meeting.

Look, face to face is fantastic, and bonding. But time is currency, and something you can never get back.

Meetings can be mobile. Not everything has to be face to face.

Being mobile means you prioritize in order to maximize time and productivity. More importantly, it frees you up for the things you really love.

To your legacy,

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