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December 21, 2016
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December 28, 2016


This child I met on the streets of Dallas. We played basketball joyfully and I carried her around for hours.


I’d love to invite you to join me and my kids and our friends and team at OnFire Books, as we welcome the homeless in on the red carpet, December 24.


You’ll have to get up early, and it will be very cold, but I promise you when you welcome a homeless child or family or man or woman into the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas, you will receive an Unforgettable gift.




Looking into the eyes of the Homeless, and giving the gift of hope – is my best gift ever. It’s so rewarding.




 As you see people limp in, with various injuries, some your grandparents age using walkers, others young – your heart will overflow.


There are several homeless children surviving on the streets of Dallas and many other cities across America.


Look at the gratitude and excitement of people who sleep out on the street, and under bridges in subzero temperatures.


Thank you Omni!


One of the homeless I worked with was Dave Brundgardt, a man with no addictions, an MBA, and two boys that he was separated from due to divorce. After his wife left him he spiraled downward into  depression, lost his job as the police chief of flower mound Texas, and ended up sleeping on the floor of the homeless shelter.


He felt that he had no one to turn to. When I met him on the street, he was serving the homeless himself, giving back. I helped him rewrite his resume, but more importantly helped him create a blank slate in his mind in order to rewrite his story.

Words are currency. One hour with someone can transform a life. 

I write his story because most people believe it could never happen to them or they have a misconception that all homeless people are alcoholics or addicts.

Tammy Kling