A personal letter to our friends about Hurricane Harvey:

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August 19, 2017
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September 4, 2017

A personal letter to our friends about Hurricane Harvey: no donation request, no action required

Dear Friends,

What can you do today to impact the world?

Let’s have a conversation about giving. It costs nothing to give a smile, a helping hand or a kind word to a stranger.

As you know the city of Houston, Texas and outer lying areas, have been devastatingly impacted by a natural disaster of epic proportions.

Preliminary estimates suggest property damages in the range of $30 billion, which would make Harvey the 9th largest disaster since World War II in terms of domestic property damage.

The number of heart breaking stories are innumerable. They include a family being swept away in their van, and children losing their lives or their parents. It has been difficult to hear and to see.

It’s a reminder to sacrifice our comfort and plans to interrupt them for a stranger. It’s a reminder to serve others, continually.

I wanted to personally let you know our response.

OnFire Books Leadership Company is frequently a first responder in giving. Over the years we have been hands on serving tornado victims, the homeless, and orphanages. We’ve served in prisons and will be bringing a team in to serve orphans at a children’s home September 9.

We have a company built on the spirit of giving!

Today we are gathering donations for the children and families who have been displaced to shelters.  We’ve got diapers and formula and personal hygiene products from our community drive.
In October, attendees of The Conversation mastermind event in Dallas, will have the opportunity to participate in a giving program.


We will not only deliver backpacks to children with cancer with Along Comes Hope, attendees will also have the option to serve the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Although Dallas Texas is sunny and warm and looks like this:

Houston and all of South Texas, remains in our hearts.
To your legacy,
Tammy Kling and the team and OnFire Books