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A personal letter to our friends about Hurricane Harvey:
September 1, 2017
Words Change Lives
September 15, 2017

How many summers do you have left? Nobody knows. Let’s make it count! Most people see financial advisors to protect their wealth for the next generation. But most do not think about how to preserve true wealth: The words and experiences you have inside of you. Invest in building your wealth. The Conversation will give you clarity about the legacy that you leave behind for a thousand generations. Let’s change some lives and make it the best year ever.
Click below to hear author Tammy Kling, the Conversation founder, talk about her views on the event and why a face to face conversation matters to your life and your business.

Your Words Matter
The Conversation Event was created for world changers like you, those who will
advance in a particular wealth of knowledge in the next decade, and have strong goals
related to faith, family, finances, and fitness. Are you 1 of 100?