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What’s your legacy
June 8, 2017
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August 7, 2017

Who will you meet this year that could change your life?

Each year at The Conversation Mastermind, strangers connect to impact each other’s lives. One world changer is Josey Parks, who was featured on the show Blue Collar Millionaire.

Millennial Josey Parks never did dream small, even as a kid. After his father died in a construction accident when he was 2, it would have been easy for Josey to give up. Life as a teenager was a challenge. He learned how important hard work is working side by side with his Step Dad. Now he is the owner and CEO of a Metal Roofing Company and he continues to create and build new companies. He worked hard and never forgot his dream.

The Conversation Mastermind creates new life and business connections. Those connections have led to new business ventures and has created incredible opportunities for many of the World Changers who invested in themselves and attended.

Only 100 hand picked World Changers will attend.

Will you be 1 of the 100?
To your legacy,
Tammy Kling