3 Brilliant Tips You Can Use To Build Business Relationships

The One Currency That All Extraordinary Leaders Have In Common
September 18, 2016
September 19, 2016


Popularity matters.

It might have been a negative term in the past, drawing up images of the mean girl in high school. But that’s not what it means today. Let’s not kid ourselves. No one desires to be unpopular.

Social equity is the new currency.

And no matter who you are or what you do, sharpening your relationship skills will multiply your business and enhance your life.

The key to social equity isn’t social media. It’s social relationships. It’s building equity, investing in them.

It’s not okay for instance, to be a leader in corporate America – who isn’t able to build relationships. Relationship building is not only necessary to lead people within the company, but in the day of social media, it is valuable to build relationship with customers as well.

In today’s intrapreneurial, socially responsible, green organization – a leader without followers is simply an executive who will soon need an updated resume.

Gamers that are networking can create connections and secure sponsorships earning them $250k or more a year. Let me repeat that….gamers! As in, teens that play MineCraft or Call of Duty. Why do they make more than their parents?

And the same is true for entrepreneurs, or wives, or friends, or video gamers! It’s not enough to be a great gamer, for instance, without a following.

My friend, Mary, at All Players, helps gamers find sponsorships that earn them $250k a year. Let me repeat that….gamers! As in, teens that play MineCraft or Call of Duty. Why do they make more than their parents?


I was invited to speak on an all male panel of business leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs including the founder of Black House White Market, a multi-million dollar brand. The black-and-white store sells fashionable clothes for women and was eventually purchased by Chicos.

When the moderator asked our view on customer service, there was a lot of chatter amongst the men about the old solid icons of customer service such as Nordstroms and the Ritz Carlton. Then, the conversation turned to technology and a discussion about the dangers of it and how it’s divided the world.

But I was the lone dissident. The future, I said, is about merging the old with the new.

Technology is vital. And at the end of the day whether you’re a gamer or a hotelier or a consultant – customer service is about relationships.

But the Ritz writes hand written notes! One of the guys mentioned that and that’s great. But social equity is currency and clout in relationships. So whether it’s a hand written note, a text, an email, letter, telegram or a phone call, it’s about building equity – caring trust and confidence. And guess what? There’s a human at the end of that technology exchange.

I went on to say that business is about relationships. It’s always about connecting with the human heart.

Whether it’s 2016 or 4016, even gamers who make $250k a year, connect with followers who are humans. That’s why they are successful.

Relationship wins. So how can you win too?

Here’s three tips to multiply success in business, life and love.

1. Look people in the eye.

No really. Like, almost stare. See what kind of response you get. When you engage your client, or your friends face to face.

In a world where everyone’s looking down, just look. Look them in the eye.

It’s captivating.

I had a book client who was a very busy CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, and he looked me in the eye for over an hour. He didn’t touch his phone, he didn’t look around the room and he wasn’t distracted by anything. He captivated me with his focus.

2. Be magnetic.

Engage, ask questions, and converse. Even if it’s not face to face, work to build social trust. Send gifts, articles, and videos.

3. Invest in relationships in business and life. Be authentically focused on RELATIONSHIP.

Have you ever met someone you were drawn to like a magnet? Someone so powerful, creative and loving that you just wanted to be around them all the time? Or maybe that person is you.

I call these people 1% ers and they are the people I surround myself with!

A 1% er is someone that is at the top of their field.

If they are a professional athlete, they are the top 1% in their industry, not just in wealth but in who they are and how they change the world. 1% ers change the world through relationships, connections and action.

I did a TEDx talk and I spoke about how words are currency but the other important currencies in the world today cannot be ignored.

The currencies are words, time and relationships (social equity).

Forget about learning new technology and go back to the basics first. Sharpen your skills today.

Connect. Give. Look. There’s power in relationships.

That power will always exist. No matter how advanced we get.