Chi Chi Rodriguez

This is one of my favorite images. It was taken at my home, and reflects the playful relationship I have with my clients.

Life is too short not to do business with World changers.

Once you begin to think that way, every day is a gift because you’re never surrounded by toxic people.

Why would a legend like Muhammad Ali, Richard Branson or Chi Chi Rodriguez want to write a book?

The answer comes down to 1 word: Legacy.

Although athletes and celebrities have already accomplished and earned it all, the most important thing we have to achieve is what we leave behind.

I coach our clients to be “impactpreneurs” not just entrepreneurs. You’ve already lived an incredible life if you’re thinking of writing a book. Now is the time to share your intellectual property with the world.

A book lives on in the hearts and minds of people you’ll never meet.

“Heroes are created in the moment of crisis,” Chi Chi told me.

So no matter what it is you’ve been through, you can be a hero. You can share your progress or your pain – to help someone else grow.