John Haggerty

Johnathan Haggerty has the heart of a warrior and the countenance of a child. It’s hard to imagine him knocking down giant men on the football field, during his time with the Cleveland Browns in the NFL.

When he came to me to talk about his book, I coached him to focus on his authentic purpose.

Haggerty is a vibrant world changer who desires to help others understand the truth. He wants to help people grow spiritually, but he also has a passion for fitness.

Halfway through our coaching on his book concept, Johnathan met the love of his life and life came full circle. This image, taken at The Conversation Mastermind in Dallas, exemplifies him perfectly. Light, joyful, strong.

When Jonathan’s book is published, it will not only change the lives of strangers, but he will have a written legacy for his own children and grandchildren.