Write Your Book Mastermind

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March 11, 2018
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April 2, 2018

Now is the time. One book can literally triple your business if you send it to prospects and clients.

Do it now before your competitor does. You could have a book by Father’s Day.

Want to know more about what it takes to write your book? Join host and CEO of OnFire Books, Tammy Kling, LIVE for the Write Your Book Mastermind 3/30 at noon CST! Lunch and learn AND get all your questions answered by industry experts.

Write Your Book Mastermind! March 30th at 12pm CST on Facebook Live

Email info@onfirebooks.com to register today. Free Easter gift giveaway from OnFire Books, the world’s #1 book company.

Join us by:

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Watching live with Tammy Kling!

Log in and ask questions or just learn and bring your journal to take notes!

Valuable and free information on how to pitch publishers, how to create a book cover, how to title a book.

Everything is FREE and all the experts will be on too! Submit any question you want to the editors, agents and publishing gurus at: info@onfirebooks.com

Authors and speakers, who want to learn how to write, or sell your book. We want to give you the secrets to success FREE. Topics include:

1. The introduction. Why it’s the most important thing to sell your book. Write it differently than you normally would! It’s not what you think.

2. Marketing your book. No bookstore signings! Blog tours and CEO groups and rotations instead!

3. How to sell and focus on PR!

4. How to pitch your book to an agent!

5. How to find a publisher! We will have a publisher in the mastermind!

For 15 years, OnFire Books Leadership Company has been the #1 book company serving the globe with authors, CEOs and speakers in many continents! Let us help you for free, so you can avoid the publishing predators!

We want to see you change the world.

Even if you’re traveling for Easter, OnFire Books Leadership Company made this virtual mastermind with YOU in mind.

You can log on at NOON CST and join others in this live mastermind!