Rewrite Your Story: How your own loss, healing, and life story can create a global brand

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July 31, 2016
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August 15, 2016

Every once in awhile I hang up from a client coaching call and cry. I hold it together on the call but then I put them on mute, or just cry later. One time when I couldn’t hold back tears the client really appreciated that her story had touched my life.

One of our book and speaking clients told me that she had been left in the dumpster as a baby. Her mother had abandoned her.

I love equipping these humans to be world changers who change the world. Why do I love helping people get TED talks? I love it because when humans share their story, they can change a life.

I remember being that lost little girl once who felt abandoned and unloved. I want to help every child in every corner of the world who feels hopeless. The best way I can do that is through the power of words.

If I can coach someone like you to tell their life story, I can save a life in some of the remote areas of the universe. The child in China or Afghanistan or Italy who is sad, may read your book and decide to have hope or live just one more day.

If you are an author or speaker the difference maker to your brand is your authentic story.

How to get on global stages?

3 Things That Matter:


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Be open and share your life story and legacy. Your story can change lives and it matters more than you think. 


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Create a book with impact. Be specific in the introduction. Incorporate item number 1.

Just like the first two minutes of a TED talk or speech, the book introduction instantly engages the heart. If it does not, you risk losing a buyer.

I often tell our authors, celebrities, and speakers that crafting a book introduction is one of the most critical parts of the book.

We coach our clients (and interview them, pull out their truths, and add it to the manuscript) to answer three important questions in the introduction.

1. What is this book about?
2. Who am I?
3. Why should I be reading it?

Question three must be answered in a subtle yet forceful way. You must be willing to create a specific clear call to action that tells the potential book by her and read her exactly what they will get it when they read your book. We live in an instant google able society. People want answers.

When we write an introduction we always find the most compelling thing about an author, whether it’s that he’s a father who works with underprivileged kids on the side, or that he is the leader of the company who loves mentoring his employees.

We find out one tipping point emotional trigger for the reader and we add it to the introduction. We must simply be able to say who you are without saying it to you directly. And that takes skill. Many great authors have missed the mark because they missed the reader standing at the checkout line previewing the book introduction.



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Global speakers have a heart of giving back. Focus on giving away books, with an abundance mindset, and I promise that the bloggers, authors, and CEOs who receive them will help you build your global business organically.


If you’d like other tips to build a global brand today, whether you have a book already or not, join our speaker coaching program or ask to apply to attend The Conversation.
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