October 13, 2016
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November 2, 2016


I quit my job after 12 years and flew to Romania to work in an orphanage. When I looked into the sea blue eyes of Michael, a toddler with a shock of platinum hair, I knew I would never go back to work. My corporate job was stellar, and I had traveled all over the world from Singapore, to Zurich, to Buga, to Anguilla and beyond. But I knew that season was over and that I would never go back to the life I’d had before.

I had a strong vision and desire to live a life of purpose. After the trip working in orphanages, I returned to America, but not for long. The sound of the children’s voices remained with me, as I remembered them lined up, singing “Take me with you back to America.”

I went to Romania again, determined to rescue one or more, and then learned that the country had closed down their adoption program. It was a disappointment, however I continued to live a life of service. I had my own two sons and learned that if you have faith, and take action, your life will be richer than you’d ever known.

In the years since that initial trip I’ve traveled to Peru, climbed Macchu Picchu, played with street kids, fed the homeless, traveled back to Romania many times to build swingsets in orphanages, and worked disaster relief. My two boys came with me and worked the tornado relief in Joplin, Missouri with Operation Blessing.

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I began writing books from planes, cars, jungles, hotels, trains, and sidewalk cafes in Argentina, London, Belize and beyond.

We began to live the lifestyle of adventurers, wandering the earth with intentionality, writing books and learning along the way.

No matter what your life or family goals are – nothing is impossible. If you feel pressured, unhappy, stressed, or limited by work hours, think of how you can make a change.

Design your own life, with your legacy in mind.

I loved my time in the corporate world and now I love that I get to be inside companies writing books and working with executives and CEOs. The early experiences shaped me and prepared me for life as an entrepreneur. What is it you want to do? Being an entrepreneur is often alluring because people believe it’s a life of freedom – but it doesn’t come without long sleepless nights, lots of cash, sacrifice, and time invested in your business.

Quitting your job might just mean that it’s time to take a sabbatical, go to school, or enter an entirely new industry with a job that fits your needs and legacy more perfectly. Either way, you don’t have to settle. There’s a great life out there and it doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. You can live your dream, whether it’s traveling the world or doing something great and serving others, right in your own local community.