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Clarity & Introduction Assignment
October 11, 2017
Your Story Matters
October 11, 2017

Today as you are immersed in your work, whether you’re on a plane or in the office, don’t forget what you learned.

In the forest, we talked about Wisdom, Bind Spots, Perception and Legacy.

Which circle spoke to you?

If you only learned one thing, it was worth the time. If you didn’t learn anything but left 1 important sentence behind, it was worth it.

“The perception conversation changed me. I’m calling off my divorce,” Said one attendee.

At the beginning of every event we make sure to set the expectations for attendees. Harry Singha opens with:

“If you don’t get anything out of this event it’s on you. Open your heart and mind to receive.”

The Conversation was a collection of world changers. 100 elite humans gathered together in the forest. 100 humans focused on giving back.

Thank you for being one of them!

Your assignment for today:

Take 10 minutes alone.
Close your eyes.
Ask yourself: What are my blind spots?

Contemplate just that one question and write down what you hear.

This one question will help you get clarity about what you don’t want in your life. Not only five years from now but today. Trust me on this one, this specific question matters. It’s a question that I’ve noticed the highest achiever’s in the world ask themselves.

Eliminate blind spots to get clarity.

For The Conversation attendees only: If you’d like to hold your spot for 2018, to give your employee, assistant, or someone you mentor a chance to experience a real conversation, click here. We had a waiting list for this year’s event. Each year the event is sold out. The date is October 5th, in Dallas and it will be at a different but just as fabulous location.

We look forward to seeing each of you at the next Conversation Event.

To your legacy,
The Conversation Team

Note: if you would like to nominate someone or apply to be an igniter please send an email our committee at: