Tammy Kling, Ghost Writer Materializes Bestsellers

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Athletes. CEOs. Celebrities.

She’s written for them all. And you probably don’t know even her name.

But the most amazing story from this exceptional author — may be her own.

Tammy Kling is a ghost writer.

This wife and mother of two has written for 90 different authors and counting.

The most recent book she penned for Wayne Scott Anderson called Discover Your Optimal Health just hit the New York Times bestseller list.

“I just finished my 103rd book. Last week I had a #1 best seller. And that wasn’t even my goal.”

Her current collaboration is with David Cook, a 69-year-old retired billionaire turned-race track owner in Decatur.
Kling’s helping him with his third book.

“This has given me an opportunity I have always wanted to write,” explained Cook. “It’s a passion, but it’s a message to people to see things in a different way.

It’s that passion that Kling helps people put to paper.

“Think about all the things people suffer through that they don’t get it out,” posed Kling. “Writing is one way to get it out. Whether you are writing a book or a legacy or just your emotions it’s one way of getting it out. I know it saved my life.”


Kling started writing when she was just seven years old.

“When my father committed suicide, I started journaling. That last moment I saw him, why didn’t I have the right words? So now every single book I write whether it’s for client or myself, has to fit that criteria. It has to change a life.”

Those journals let to her first book called “The Compass.”

Kling wants her experience to help others.

She conducts writing workshops for homeless children and gang members; giving everyone a journal.

“I try to teach them the process to writing out all their emotions so they don’t act out their emotions,” Kling explained.

She also hires the homeless to help transcribe audio files.

“So they come out of homeless shelter, go to library, transcribe the document, email it back, and I can turn it into a chapter.”

It’s Kling’s way of of giving back, hoping to inspire people to live their dreams just as she is living hers.

“When it’s just a calling and you wake up each day… I mean, I can’t believe I get paid for this. So that’s when you know it’s your calling.”

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