First Impressions Matter: Why Your Book Cover is Everything

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June 26, 2016
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August 7, 2016

The book cover is 90% of a book sale.

If you lose someone at the visual aspect of your book they won’t buy it. The cover has to be spot on. It has to be simple, effective, and engaging.

What does your book cover say about you?
More importantly, what does your book cover say about how you can help someone with their life or business?

Mistake #1

Authors mistakenly believe that it is a graphic designer who should create a book cover but it’s actually an expert advertising, marketing and public relations professional. This is what we do best but unfortunately most people try to go it alone.

Or, even worse, they “focus group” it on Facebook. The problem with asking everyone is that if everyone could create a bestseller or knew what it took to – it wouldn’t be unique. But it is. Hardly anyone does it, so certainly “everyone” cannot help you. Don’t ask everyone. Ask the experts.



Interesting Image

It’s a 1% er who creates bestsellers.

In life I’m always open to life long learning from my life team. It can be difficult to trust an expert. But the book cover is one of those times you need to.

I’ve seen publishers and even graphic designers fail at book cover creation. I cringed when I saw a publisher destroy a clients short, sexy book title – in favor of a very long archaic title and cover.

It’s such a specific yet magical gift to create a cover and title that engages the heart.

Purple is a color publishers don’t like because it represents “new age” whereas dark blue is often used because executives and especially men relate to it.

If you were planning to convince a book store or publisher to buy your book – wouldn’t that be important information to know?

A book cover is like a calling card. Will it communicate your business vision?

Don’t go to market without consulting an expert. Invest in yourself by contacting our team at OnFire Books today.